Daily Prompt: Confident

The Daily Prompt states: Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONFIDENT.

No one can dispute your abilities.

Quick wit, strong personality.

Others cower in the face of your stature.

Some try to dispute, but quickly succumb.

Others don’t bother to try once they see you.

Your clothes radiate strength.

Your smile is reinforced by the concrete of success.

You know your strengths,

and pay no mind to any weaknesses.

Some may say your cocky,

but you espouse humility.

You know where you stand,

and your convictions are absolute.

Some call you the epitome,

most just envy.

Constantly aiming to improve yourself,

that is the is the ultimate form.

Confident, you are.


Daily Joy: A Poem

Happiness sometimes escapes us.

Not because it doesn’t really exist, but because we fail to see it.

There is much happiness in the world, we just don’t admit to.

A good job, a nice home, a happy family.

Is money happiness? Material things?

I think not.

I consider myself to richest man in the world.

How many zeros before the decimal?


The laughter that comes from my son.

The love that comes from my wife.

True wealth is measured by loved ones.

Maybe you have one hundred,

or maybe just one.

Either is fine, as long as you recognize the love.

Look for the happiness, and you will find.

Seek the happiness and it will find you.

Maybe its found in the pages of a good book.

Maybe at the crunchy bottom of an ice cream cone.

Whatever your happiness is, look for it.

Then you will truly be free.

Ice Cream: A Poem

Ah ice cream.

Cold, creamy, maybe a few chunks.

I like soft serve. Sometimes the hard stuff is good too.

Chocolate chips, peanut butter swirls, caramel that oozes.

Cookie dough anyone?

Ice cream is the best anytime of year.

So what if it’s snowing out there?

Cones, sundae’s, banana boats,

ice cream floats.

You knew that line was coming.

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan too.

Rocky road, a Bear Claw, what’s your mood?

Bars, cones, pop sickle delights,

kids of all ages, can’t take just one bite.

Ice cream, for dinner, sign me up.

Ice cream, ice cream, how about some peanut butter cup.

A Sunset

The light descends upon the horizon.

Breath slowly leaves the lungs.

Reflection of light amber, orange hues dance on windows.

Tears begin to fall down cheeks of those loved.

People hurry home, warmth and light aglow.

Heartbreak and sorrow with a hint of joy.

The night descends with the hope of a new day.

The loss of a loved one healed, with celebration of life.

A new day arises.

A new baby is born.

The sun once set, but new light will dawn.

A new life begun.

The Cheerful

Sunlight, through the window pane.

A bright day, joyful day. Day begin again.

Giggles from the baby,

smiles from the parents.

Happiness is easily purchased,

for it costs nothing.

True happiness comes from others.

The cheerful they are called.

Not obnoxious, not self-absorbed.

Self-indulged yes, because of their happiness.

They pleasure in the joys of life.

The cheerful they are called.


Walking Through The Woods

Leaves provide cover to the dirt.

Tiny, slimy creatures scurry to find burrows.

The cold approaches.

Wind blows, stripping the trees of their colorful clothes.

We walked, hand in hand, through the wooded trails.

Love was all around us, in nature’s own way.

Deer hurried among the trees.

You looked at me, a smile.

We were young once, as we briskly strolled through the woods.

That was decades ago.

Your smile keeps me going.

Now, we stroll, at a more leisurely pace.

Our love has endured.

Like the wood around us, we’ve racked notches of our history.

Our love, endured.

Digital Existence

Digitally connected to everyone all the time.

Modern society is interconnected, yet many exist alone.

Your phone is your world.

A screen tells you how many friends you have.

How many likes you acquired.

Visitors, followers, socially connected.

Yet some fail to converse when faced with another.

Is it good for society?

Is it bad?

Are we losing our humanity?

Some would argue technological existence is an extension,

a new level of being human.

I hope never to be a catfish.

Are all those “friends” real?

A profile speaks a thousand words,

maybe 600 characters.

I can sound like a bird in a short, crisp,

chirp of a phrase.

Once you hit send,

the world knows.

Don’t bother deleting.

It is there permanently.

Digitally, I am a personality.

An echo of who I yearn to be.