I’m Taking a Poetry Blogging Break. Seriously, That’s Not Just a Poem Title.

Wait a minute.

Just one moment.

I post everyday.

Sometimes the mind,

loses its way.

Why not take a breath?

Slow down.

Kick off your shoes,

relax your socks.

I’m taking some time off,

from posting daily.

I need a break,

a moment,

a minute,

a vacation from blogging?


I’ve managed to post everyday for a while now. But I need a break. One can only write so much without an escape. I’ll be back soon for I cannot just leave. But I hope you won’t miss me to much, for I’ll cry on my sleeve. I truly appreciate all the love and support. Please understand, I will be back. I hope to catch a few extra hours sleeping in the sack.

See you soon….

Sunday Sonnet #8

Cafffeinated aroma wakens.
Your sleepy eyes fight the sunrise.
Toes tangled in flannel.
Last night we spoke in silly anger.
I love when we bicker.
Coffee and bagels bring us together.
A new day, new laughter.
Old love, new day.

We were young once.
Learning our love.
Like toddlers on tricycles.
We knew from the first.
My hand in yours.
Old love, new days.