Words Of A River



Mighty and majestic.

Music resonates from shallow waves.

Winged beings dive for food.

Fathers and sons caste lines from the shore.

Be quiet,


What do you hear?

The river, speaks.

Natural beauty with clouds above.

Blue skies illuminated.

Brilliant sunshine.

Trees creek and crack.

Children play on sandy beaches.

The river lives and gives.

Abundant life.

Words of a river.

Finer Things



Shrimp cocktail before dinner.

Four cars in the garage,

None less than the value of a small mortgage.

You have all the toys.

Countless zeroes before the decimal point.

Nice clothes.

A yacht in the summer.

Truly wealthy you are.


She works nine-to-five.

Slightly more than minimum wage.

She writes poetry at night.

Volunteers at the soup kitchen every weekend,

When she’s not working.

She eats packed noodles for dinner.

Doesn’t own a television.

Her extra money,

To charity it goes.

She says “I worry not about myself.”

“For I can always make ends meet.”

“Those less fortunate than me, deserve more.”


While you sip your champagne,

And bask in the sun.

Think of her, sweating to provide for others.

Then ask yourself,

Who is truly wealthy?

A Love Walking Through The Woods


A path through woods ancient.

Trees creek and splinter.

Speaking to us as we stroll.


Hands, tangled with love.

We speak volumes,

By saying nothing.


We were young.

Maybe it was youthful exuberance.

More naiveté.

I knew I loved you,

That first moment.

That first kiss.


Time elapses and moves on.

Our love,

Eternal as the stars.

My heart,

Speaks to yours.

Silently exchanging vows.



Words Of Thanksgiving

The turkey, cooked to perfection.

Families gather.

Thanksgiving is for many the only time.

Unfortunate that is.

We give thanks for many things.

Life is good, we must believe.


Mashed potatoes.

That thing our crazy uncle brings,

He swears its edible.

Apple pie.

Brothers, sisters.

Moms, dads.


Give thanks today and everyday.

For life is good.


She stood in the doorway,

Simple, white material,

Scantily draped.

A smile,

Mischievous smirk.

Deep blue eyes,

A sea of want and love.


More than just another she.

The one.


Her love.

Her curves.

Her essence.

Her spirit encompasses all.

Her caress is love.

She glides, barefoot,

To me.

An angel in white.

A love, pure.


I Can’t Sleep: A Poem

Unrestrained thought.

Aimlessly my mind wandering.

I can’t sleep.

My mind’s eye sees everything,

And nothing simultaneously.

Maybe a sip of wine will help?

Some warm milk instead.

Countless numbers of wool-covered creatures,

Futility at its best.

I check my phone.

Only three minutes elapsed.

Seriously? Three minutes.

An eternity while lying in the dark.

Snores she does.

Admit it, she won’t.

But she does.

2 a.m.

A foghorn of REM induced breathing.

I will say nothing tomorrow.

Another sheep.

Might as well be a wooly mammoth crashing my dreams.

Unrestrained thought.

I can’t sleep.