Sunday Sonnet

Mountainous backdrop rises upon the horizon.
Songbirds shake the morning chill with a flutter.
Trees and leaves and creatures and beautiful blue sky.
Flowing water streams detour over rocks.
Weeds and fish and frogs go for a morning dip.
Cascades of waterfalls pulled down with gravity.
Sunlight and reflections and quiet moments.
Nature’s canvas painted with an oil brush.

Sunday morning and bagels and coffee.
Little ones in deep slumber as the sun rises.
Mountainous backdrop rises outside my window.
I watch as songbirds flutter.
Trees and leaves and creatures and beautiful blue sky.
Nature’s canvas painted outside my window.

Sunday Sonnet: Easter

Watercolor Sky

A long way, from laying in the hay.

He carried a burden, given by Pontius.

Mary shed a tear.

Crowned by thorns, bled to save us.

A cross built for him.

The symbol of hope for us today.

On the Friday he died, he forgave.

He asked to spare us, for we not know.

He is risen, let us rejoice.

Forget not what he asks.

He goes by names many.

Savior. Lord. Friend. Jesus.

Regardless of who you are,

Forget his message not.

A Sonnet For Sunday

She shared sensational smiles.

Seemingly endless moments of love.

She drove for miles.

Sometimes, she wanted to fly like a dove.

She searched for him.

She never truly knew where to look.

She loved his smile, it was the hook.

She kept going, never-ending.

Once she came close.

Her search ended?

She looked across the coffee bar.

It was not him, looked like from afar.

She drove some more, to the cliffs by the sea.

She stopped there, and made her life for thee.

Sunday Sonnet: You and Me

You and me. Me and you. Two of a kind, so the say.

We met many years ago, but it feels like yesterday.

Minute instances of love-induced grandeur.

Hour-long, high-pitched cacophony battles over liqueur.

Love shared over dirty diapers and thoughts of getting away.

Our tired eyes yearn for the brightness of lost youth.

Clocks betray eternity to us.

You smile, a wink, a nod, you and me. Me and you.

Love endures.

A conqueror no army resists.

Two hearts bound by time and space.

Euphemisms do not apply for you and me.

My eyes see only your heart.

You and me. Me and you.

Sunday Sonnet #2

Internally I wonder why?

One and two, two and one.

Together our love made us fly.

Years passed, deeper our love.

Like newly fallen snow, the seasons passed by.

A courtship, the woo.

Marriage, a honeymoon, it all began with “hi.”

Time lost all meaning. I wonder why.

The children came.

One, then two.

Remember that night by the open flame?

Number three in nine months will be.

Your eyes, more wrinkled. Your smile the same.

Our love is but true until the end of time came.

Sunday Sonnet

Snow on a branch

Has Spring sprung?

Spring won’t spread its sunny sensitivities yet.

Why must snow simmer in the clouds?

Why must snow slither silently from the sky?

March is a lion more like a bear when snow flies everywhere.

Sensitive sinuses susceptible to snow induced seething allergens.

Old Man Winter won’t cease his stranglehold on sane creatures.

Send this sullen beast of snow and sniffles to San Francisco.


Behold Spring will send sensual flowers.

From snow-covered grasses to sunny sandy beaches.

Seasons stand but only momentarily.

Simply stated Spring will send joyful songs of birds.

Soon simple stratus clouds will sear the sky.

Spring will soon surprise.