Good-Bye Winter

As the wind blows,
blossoms abound.

Smiles and giggles,
children run around.

Spring has come,
green and blue.

Good-bye Winter,
we bid you adieu.

The Lone Tree

Grasses green,

in orange sun.

Winds gentle,

critters abound.

Fields of green,

browns and the lone tree.

Standing, a castle,

unto itself.

The giver of life and fruit,

now barren by the sands of time.

The tree, stands, alone.

A reminder, of what was,

what is yet to come.

The Valley

Green trees.
Fields of apples red. 

The jay, blue and chirping. 
Crimson and orange,
streak the sky.

Clouds float,
on parade. 

The river below,
sometimes blue,
sometimes brown.
Catskills in the distance.
No white caps this year. 
Anchored by metropolis.
The valley of Hudson,
teeming with life. 

Once my home,
always in my heart.
Original verse by V. Vicari 2016.

Nature’s Ballad Conclusion

From the depths of my soul,

I will find thee.

The beast cannot hide forever.

A twig, snapped.

Leaves rustle.

A shadow, long and dark,

Moves to my left.

Then my right.

The trees, tall like spires

from hell.

The shadow draws near.

It is the beast.

Of this, I am certain.

I have no recourse

No way to defend myself.

I do not know what to do.

Closer, more leaves move.

The wind intensifies.

Twigs and branches snapping.

Storm clouds draw near.


The beast is almost upon me.

I cannot lie any further.

I’m afraid.

I’m scared.

I must run.

But I cannot move.

I must.

I turn and then I fall…

Knocked to the ground,

Momentary lapse in awareness.

The beast is on top of me.

What do I do.

Wet, slobbering, dripping on my skin.

I cannot open my eyes.

A cold, moist nose?


The beast lets up.

He is happy to see me.

I open my eyes.

Overjoyed I am.

It wasn’t a two-legged beast.

It was Duke.

My dog standing on his hind legs.

My fear subsides.

My quest of Ahab futile.

It was my dog.