A Short Story

I’ve written a few short stories. Unfortunately, none published so far. But, I like to share what I’ve written. So I’m adding a page to the blog and occasionally I’ll post a short story. I encourage and request all feedback as that is the best way for a writer to grow. Below is Dreaming Of Life.

Marcus stared out the window of the train car as the sun stained hills of Southern England rolled by. He could hear the other soldiers laughing, and joking. Some were enjoying their card games. Others were sleeping, or at least trying to. Marcus couldn’t believe he was going home. They all were. After two years of war, the fight was over. Marcus watched through the glass as the trees passed by. He could remember the trees in the Ardennes Forest. He could remember the trees, broken, splintered. The snow-covered branches and ground covering the pain and suffering that he, they all witnessed.

Marcus survived the D-Day Invasion. He survived what seemed to be countless hours of marching and cold. He survived the Battle of The Bulge. Continue reading