Anger: A Poem

A breath.

Nothing more than a sigh.

Frustration, building upon years of angst.

I, you, us. Dammit, our time has come.

Anger, like a devil loosed upon angels.

You despise me. Hate me. You lied.

Everyday for years, decades.

The epoch of my life.

You lied.

Rot. I hope you will.

My anger is beyond comprehension.

Insoluble like fiber.

Go. Leave.



Sunday Sonnet


She came to me, gracefully almost gliding over grass.

A smile ensconced my mind.

Eyes, as blue as the sea, cliché.

Her heart spoke, what her lips failed to say.

An embrace, tender with the force of a thousand armies.

I could not let go.

My heart a flutter.

Passion, lust, pure love instantly engulfed me.

A year passed with leaves changing.

I embrace winter’s chill.

For I am wrapped in her love.

My heart is but one with hers.

If she left, nothing but sand in the wind I would be.

A love, it is that simple to me.