Daily Prompt: Clean House

The Daily Prompt states: Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us JUNK.


Much clutter surrounds me.

I make paths throughout the house,

just to get to my couch.

I hoard junk.

Empty boxes, newspapers with no news,

empty bottles.

All stuff I could easily throw away.

The real clutter comes from others.

Negativity, ignorance, gossip.

None serves a true purpose.

Only hurt.

The physical junk pales in comparison to the emotional.

If I can only escape, I could fill a dumpster with gossip.

Fill the empty boxes with negativity and simply recycle,

into inner peace.


Write happy headlines on the old newspapers,

tell the world I no longer accept the ignorant,

but the happy truth.



A Daily Prompt Poem: Life

The Daily Prompt states: Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.


A mad dash to the hospital,

junior has arrived.

Kindergarten, 5th grade,

high school graduation,

time flies.

Go to college, don’t go to college,

pick a major, get a job.

Find the love of his life,




Maybe not in that order,

maybe not at all.

Take a vacation,

work is nothing but procrastination.

A dash to the hospital,

another junior has arrived.

Kindergarten, 5th grade,

high school just flew by.

Life is a cycle, continuously going around.

A journey, an adventure,

an up and down merry-go-round.

Effortless Love: A Poem

When we met, it was serendipity.

You were unfamiliar in a familiar sort of way.

Glancing at you across the subway car, you smiled.

It was like a song lyric I once heard.

I stepped on the platform, thinking nothing of the moment.

Yet, it filled my mind for days.

A chance meeting at a coffee shop.

There you were.

My eye caught yours, transfixed upon each other.

Spontaneously you walked over to me.

Haley’s Comet come full turn.

Your flip-flop slapping against your heel.

You didn’t hesitate.

I was glad.

You sat, I smiled.

You smirked, I was hooked.

Within a moment we knew.

Turns out I loved you all my life.

Only I never knew.

Some I had to try.

Others had to grow on you.

Me and you, is effortless.

I don’t need to try.

I don’t feel like it’s a burden.

An effortless love is a true love.

The best love.

Thank you.

A Daily Prompt Poem: Talent

The Daily Prompt states: Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TALENT.


A voice as smooth as silk.

Hands that bring visions to life.

You can build anything out of anything.

A painter that brings images to the eye.

Writing a thousand words that tell a story,

no image can reproduce.

Your ability to make a room full of people laugh,

is enviable.

Your poems end up on greeting cards.

Others can throw a 60-yard pass.

Some can shoot three-pointers all day.

I once knew someone who can stop any puck,

that came his way.

Talent comes in all forms for all walks of life.

What’s your talent?


A Daily Prompt Poem: Greatness

The Daily Prompt states: What makes a teacher great?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.


Having money? No.

Throwing a ball fast and far? Not so much.

Caring for others with selfless devotion? Yes.

A great teacher was great because he taught from his heart.

He taught others children as if they were his own.

Greatness is actions more than words.


The nurse who sat bedside for the lonely, dying stranger.

The neighbor who walked through the pouring rain,

to find my dog.

Then offered me a hot a coffee when Rover was discovered hiding in the basement.

The mom, and dad, who held the little one’s hand, when she was sick.

The friend who is always there, always.


Greatness is not replaceable, like the sun.

Greatness emanates from the light within one’s soul.

You cannot buy greatness.

Be what you are, and greatness may find you.



Driving down the highway, mountains rising in front.

She glanced in her rearview mirror,

amber hair across her face.

The top was down to enjoy the warm desert air.

It was early, too early for the good to be awake.

She escaped. The grasp, the chilly environment.

The mental torment every time the door opened.

He was no good for her and she knew it.

Everyone in her life told her so.

Blind, love is.

Finally, as her head pounded with stress,

she mustered the courage.

He was a sleep, drool on his pillow.

She packed the bag the night before.

She slipped out of bed, bare feet on cold floor.

Never looking back, she changed her life within an instant.

She could see the light coming up as she drove.

A new life awaited.

A joy-filled heart began to beat again,

in the sunrise of a new life.


The most joyous sound was hearing the laughter.

The child’s giggle bellowed from his belly.

His smile was from ear to ear.

The gap between his two front teeth,

added to the moment.

He is precious.

His laughter lights my soul.

His laughter warms my heart.

The laughter of our son,

it’s the best sound in the world.

Laughter, his laughter,

is truly the best medicine.