Wandering Love

Running, fast as I can.

A wanderer through streets unknown.

Like a malfunctioning GPS,

I’m lost.

My search is for you.

I long to be with you.

Remember the days of yesteryear?

Our youth, exuberant and invigorating.

Now I search for you once more.

My heart aches for you.

Where did we go wrong?

Was it me? I’m sure it was.

My sorrow cannot be verbally expressed.

Show me a sign, a light in the window.

One for no, two and I’ll come back.

A love once vibrant,

Bubbles up once more in my soul.

I will continue my search,

A journey not in vain.

Speak to me, open your heart.

I will listen and forever obey.


The Backyard

A walk through my parents yard,

the grass where I played.

Childhood memories abound in a rush,

a flood of emotion.

The dirt spot where bats were swung,

the soft indentation where the weeping willow fell.

The old shed, once over there, now over here.

The land I learned to trim with mechanical blades.

Hills where my son now plays.

The backyard is more than just a plain of green,

a space where family convenes.

Memories created, memories never forgotten.

Remember when grandpa held my hand and walked with me.

The backyard is a space common to many, unique to each.

An escape from daily tribulations,

an oasis clustered in suburbia.

The backyard is but a dream.

Backyard, oh backyard.

-Vince V.