Once There Was You

Once there was you.

A hand to hold.

Lips to kiss.

Eyes, blue like a bird,

Staring back at me.

Soft whispers at night,

Like dreams on the wind.

Caffeine-deprived good mornings.

Sweet I love you’s as the front door closed.

Once there was you.

Your shoes lined up next to mine.

My coat hanging over yours.

Unlimited text messages flying through space.

Once there was you.

A love, pure as mountain streams.

A love deeper than ocean canyons.

There are fish in the sea,

But we caught each other.

Once there was you.

Today we are here.

What will tomorrow bring?


Separation is pain.

A rift, a chasm.

A canyon between hearts.


Where love once reigned,

Never-ending tumult persists.

The hurricane of pain,

Strips way the fabric of relation.


A path once captured in happy pictures,

Leads to no where but sorrow-filled valleys.

A rift is a challenge, overcome only by peace.

Will you allow me back?

Will I allow you?


Our rift is pain.

Our love once reigned.

Our conversation was not held in tumult.

Our love was a whirlwind, window-shattering connection.

Our relationship was a blanket wrapping our hearts.

Where did I rift begin?