If I Said Goodbye

If I said goodbye,

would you truly be sad?

Just another love,

turned bad?

If I said goodbye,

what would you do?

Finally mutter,

I love you?

If I said goodbye,

would you want to curl up

and hide?

Would you simply say good riddance,

and find someone knew to give you a ride?

I guess I will never know,

for once I say goodbye,

gone I will be.

A love neither one of us,

we ever see.

A Happy Turkey

Gobble, gobble.

A turkey I be.

I’ve hid, in woods,


Today once more,

I roam free.

For those two-legged creatures,

enjoy eating me.

Mashed potatoes, squash,

sauce made of cranberry.

A day so many enjoy,

I don’t like,

scared as can be.

Today I’m grateful for many things,

not least of all, being an alive,

happy turkey!


A Happy Thanksgiving to all!



What If I Didn’t Miss You Anymore?

The Tiger Lily

What if I didn’t miss you anymore?

Our lives separated, like distant shores.

Two who were one divided again.

What if I didn’t miss you anymore?

Hearts that drifted.

Love that expired.

A romance ended, like getting fired.

What if I didn’t miss you anymore?

Would I one day wonder, could there have been?

Should there have been?

I wanted so much more.

Image and verse by V. Vicari 2015.