Poetic Ramblings

Escaping reality,

I write my prose here.

A virtual starship traveling towards the sun.

Whimsical at times,

Serious most.


Words cannot always elicit emotions.

One struggles to write,

To create,

To express.


Do you understand what I mean?

Or are these mere ramblings?

Writing is artistic in style,

Meaning and symbolism.

Ultimately, the writer yearns to escape.


A lesson learned is not to fear,

But persevere.

If you want it,

You must try.

Find your own inspiration,

Create, write, express.

Lost Souls

Conflict stirs in each of us,

Sometimes good,

Mostly bad.

A cancer of civilization.


Souls are lost,

At Flanders Fields,


In deserts afar.


Conflict robs all of us.

The eternal burglar of humanity.

Innocent many are,

Unwitting victims of others anger.


Fear leads to conflict.

Conflict leads to hate.

Hate leads to lost souls.


What would you do if I expired?

If tomorrow came,

And I was gone?


Would you know what to do?

Would you be able to think?

To comprehend?


I fear the most,

Maybe you won’t,

Maybe you won’t miss me.


I fear life for you,

Would continue full.

The loss of me,

No void caused.


Selfish of me?

Yes, maybe to hope,

The loss would hurt you.

Selfish of me?



My love for you is whole.

I want yours reciprocal.

If I expired tomorrow,

Who would remember me?

My hope,

Your heart will be empty.

Peaceful River

A river flowing,

Natural road, the transport of life.

Sun reflecting off shallow waves.

Peaceful existence.

Gulls swoop,

Like dive-bombers of conflict past.

Dinner awaits.


A river flowing,

the cradle of life is universal.

Weather follows the flow,

Acts of God common,

Fear not you will be taken by man,

Before the Almighty touches you.


A river flowing,

Nile, Amazon, Hudson,

Just to name a few.

Civilization arose,

Some question its survival.

Biblical ending?

apocalyptic conclusions?


A river flowing,

But what about peace?

Some keep fighting,

Others simply want life.

A river continues flowing.


A Walk Through the Rain

A stroll, with a roll of thunder.

It is a journey.

A destination unknown.

A wet adventure, 

Each moment caught between drops. 


Puddles reflecting light.

Mirrors upon nature. 

A casual reflection on one’s past.

A momentary pause,

Another roll of thunder.


A walk between droplets,

Soaking like a damp sponge. 

Birds chirp and squawk.

Singing among nature’s chorus. 


A roll of thunder interrupts my serenade.

A stroll back to my door. 

Good night for now.