Smile: A Poem

Smile, it's the best thing you have.
It's free you know. 
Nothing but muscle movement.
And thought.
Get over yourself for once.
Narcissistic is no good.
Be happy.
Find peace.
Don't get stuck.
Perpetual entitlement.
Self-infliced misery.
Life is good.
Joyous and free. 
Smile, it's the best thing you have.

Sunday Morning

Snow Stream


I’m up before the sun,

I can’t help it.

My internal clock

doesn’t recognize the weekend.

Hot coffee,

aroma radiates.

The little one,

soundly sleeps.

Time to write.

Nah, I can’t.

Too early,

the sun rising.

Birds still silent,

like newly fallen snow.

Winter on a Sunday.

Java brewed.

Thoughts new.

The wife’s to-do,


All I want

is playoff pigskin.