Eternity Bound

What seemed destined for eternity,
fades immature.

One moment of time,
years of bliss.

Caffeinated love,
bloated loss.

I seek not to fail,
but to adore again.

We said I do,
and love came.

I will but forever wonder,
is eternity our destiny?


I gave more than you.

No expectation of return,

I wanted to.

My career left behind.

Sleep, no longer I find.

I care for you, not out of obligation,

but from my soul, my heart,

simply love.

Sure, I could do many things,

but my time is precious,

time to you I bring.

Some say it’s a sacrifice,

I say it’s my life.

The poem above inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.

Instantly Brief

But for a moment,
instantly brief,
I held you in my heart.
My hands, searching.
Endlessly for yours.
A droplet, rain.
Downpour of emotion.
Where were you?
Where have you been?
I've searched.
Upon highest peaks.
In lowest despair.
I love you, now,
Until the wave of death,
consumes my soul.
But for a moment,
instantly brief.

Original verse by V. Vicari 2016.