2014: A Poem

Where did I go?  365 fly by. I’m a year like no other. But nothing changes. Always the same. Names change. New enemies.  New technologies.  Same conflicts, new violent methodologies. Ups and downs. Human immaturity. Where is the love? Where is the focus? Those we lost look from above. The Robin and Joan Comedy Show. Heaven is a funny place. We drink up to celebrate the end or maybe brace ourselves for the new. Do more, spend less, save a tree. There’s an app for all three. 2014 we will miss thee.


A Boy Once

A boy I was once.
Adventurous and quiet.

A boy who lived.
Scared of failure.

Struggled for acceptance.
Liked is all I wanted.

I met her.
Post college.

Educated man
Searching for understanding.

Looking for her.
Understanding found.

Wonder no more.
I asked.

She said yes.
Astonishing joy.

A boy,
Of my own.

A better man.
Now I am.

A boy,
I once was.