Snowman: A Poem

I started as a ball of cold flakes,

rolled on the ground.

Childish laughter all around,

those who constructed me giggled.

Do we give him a button nose?

One asked.

Maybe a top hat like the cartoon goes.

I’ll find some coal.

I came alive one day,

I don’t remember when.

In the front yard I stood watching the cars go by.

My builders climbed on a big yellow tube with wheels.

They would come home and smile as they danced around me.

They would say it was cold outside.

I thought it was perfect.

One day I know I’ll melt away,

like the ice cubes that dissolve in tea.

Next year I’ll return.

Someway, some day.

The Friend

You’re there, whenever needed.

I don’t have to ask, you just give.

You don’t complain when I call.

You listen.

I sent a text,

asking for help.

An hour later, you pulled in the driveway.

What can I do?

Those were your words.

You stopped your life,

to help me fix mine.

I can never thank you enough,

but that’s O.K.

You don’t want thanks.

You do what you do,

because you’re the friend.

No repayment needed.

Put your friendship on my tab.

The friend.