Each moment builds history.
A story.
People come.
People go.
Characters in the narrative.
Letting go, is the hardest thing.
Cast away the bad.
Never forget but learn.
Move forward and be true.
Moments will forever remain.
Live each moment.
Be happy in each moment.
Love each moment.


I saw brilliance once.
He was just a man really.
Lying on the bench.
A smile peeking through whiskers.
He had nothing.
Yet he I could tell he was wealthy.
The richest.
He had a heart.
That is lost. 
He gave all he had to others.
He cared not for himself. 
For that, he knew.
He was brilliant you see.
For lack of his worldly things.
He guaranteed his seat in heaven.
He smiled as he gave thanks.
I saw brillianc once.