I saw brilliance once.
He was just a man really.
Lying on the bench.
A smile peeking through whiskers.
He had nothing.
Yet he I could tell he was wealthy.
The richest.
He had a heart.
That is lost. 
He gave all he had to others.
He cared not for himself. 
For that, he knew.
He was brilliant you see.
For lack of his worldly things.
He guaranteed his seat in heaven.
He smiled as he gave thanks.
I saw brillianc once.

Damn The Hustle

I can't seem to escape the hustle.
Each moment a jetstream of daily things.
Simply relaxing, requires a Julian Date.
Is this really how existence should be?
I mean think how the children play.
Not a care in the world.
A freedom adults lose or choose to forget. 
Oh to just play.
Regain my puddle-jumping glory. 
I just want to escape the bustle.
Create my own harmony.
Simple things. 
Bread and water.
The occasional lobster.
Ok, a little wine too. 
One day of hustling what I want. 
Not, what I'm supposed to do.