The Hug

Two individuals,
pulled together. 
Arms stretched.
Arched around.
Skin to skin.
Faces, nuzzled. 
Breathing, so light,
but heavy. 
More than a squeeze. 
An embrace, secretly lustful. 
Neither let go. 
A hug, that simple.


The Valley

Green trees.
Fields of apples red. 

The jay, blue and chirping. 
Crimson and orange,
streak the sky.

Clouds float,
on parade. 

The river below,
sometimes blue,
sometimes brown.
Catskills in the distance.
No white caps this year. 
Anchored by metropolis.
The valley of Hudson,
teeming with life. 

Once my home,
always in my heart.
Original verse by V. Vicari 2016.