In the Grass We Lay

Have you ever laid in the grass?

Gazing at the clouds,

Birds soar above.

The floating shapes your eyes see,

Bring quiet smirks to your face.

Your tender smile,

Lifts me ever higher.

I feel nothing but happiness,

Only with you.

Laying in the grass,

You and I,

Me and you.

The blue sky, an ocean before the stars.

I never want to leave this place,

The fields before us,

The grass keeping us warm.

Breezes blow,

Clouds float,

Birds fly.

Together we are happy.

In the grass we lay.

The Happy Days

The sun came up,

light filled the room.

You turned over, smiled,

a giggle.

Your happiness is contagious,

like a please virus if one existed.

Yesterday we were wed,

today begins life together.

Maybe a child,

let’s first get a puppy.

Our happy days remind me of a film,

romantic comedy.

Maybe I’ll be played by Ashton,

you Mila.

Together we will be happy.

Happy days, filled with joy.

Love, pleasant idleness.

Much to do, little time to do it.

Together our happiness will grow.

Oh, these the happy days.

Positively Positive: A Poem

I’m up and happy,

why, because life is better.

Positivity is positively positive.

Happy, not sad.

Joyful, not depressed.

Happy is healthy.

I’d rather be happy,

than sad.

Life isn’t bad really.

So you have problems,

don’t we all?

You woke up this morning,

you’re breathing,

that’s something to be happy about.

Family, friends, fun.

Positivity is positively positive.


Old Sluggish

He shuffled along the streets,

A ratty old brown coat over his shoulders.

Chin, covered in scruffy fuzz.

A tattered old hat,

atop his head.


They called him Old Sluggish.

For that was what he was,


He spoke slow,

as if he pinched his tongue.

His gait was no faster than a tortoise.


Old Sluggish would come,

when the kitchen bell rang.

Strangers gave him food,

his drink provided by generosity.

He had no home,


No parents, no wife,

no children.

Old Sluggish roamed the streets,

like a scrounging ant.


He was kind,

but stern.

The children ran away,

then came back.

Sometimes taunting,

mostly to stare.

Old Sluggish didn’t care.

He roamed the streets,

his streets.

For Old Sluggish was his name.

Bubble City

The city was like a bubble.
I could see beyond, but never touch.
The concrete towered over me.
The sky above welcoming my escape
That I never reached.

Captured, cornered, like a caged beast.
The bubble of the city prevented my release.
Millions of creatures roaming the streets
Unaware of my plight.
Consumed in their own dilemmas.

Bubble city is what I call it.
No other name will do.
If I escape, you will find me in the Catskills.
Hiding, casting my line under the sun.

How Could I Not Miss You

How could I not miss you?
We were together, inseparable.
Each day I would wake,
As the sun rose illuminating your sleepy smile.

Together we were like chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Different, yet complimentary.

How could I not miss you?
You clarified my world.
Gave me purpose,
Like a divine reason.

Let’s live on, like the oceans.
Together we will swim.

The Pond

The pond water acts like a mirror.
My reflection stares back.
I’m perplexed by own image,
My expression confuses me.

The pond is my oasis,
Like a lost paradise.
I come here to escape.
I cast my line,
Sometimes to fish,
But mostly to find answers.

Life’s troubles are really nothing.
Staring at the pond makes me realize.
Therapy for the soul, like chicken soup for the mind.