A Century Passed

We sometimes struggle,

Within ourselves,

With one another.


Emotions conflict,

Like dueling siblings.

Nations rage with anger,

Frivolous reasoning.

Or justified animosity.


Moments of heated passion,

Erupt into seemingly infinite

Periods of conflict.


Lives erased, cities reduced.

Humanity pauses.

Morality? Peace?

Will it happen again?


A century passed,

Do we still remember?

Have we learned?

From the fields of Flanders,

To the Depths of the sea.

Countless unknowns buried.

Endless reminders.


Peace will ultimately reign,

Humanity chooses it.

Conflict ended.

A century passed.



The Wise Man

A man was one-hundred-and-three,

Drink a shot of wine each day,

He once told me.


Live at peace with others,

You will be at peace with yourself.

Be grateful for the little things,

Momentary trinkets of our lives.

These memories, the small ones,

Create our stories, the histories of who we are.


The old man said he was ancient in body.

Exuberantly youthful in soul.

The mind, with the occasional wander,

Comes back, as if finishing a stroll.


Drink the wine, I thought he would say,


Cheers to your life,

Treat it not like a toy.

The River

Majestically winding,

flowing between earthen paths,

once carved by ice flow.


Birds, track their flight,

the trees as air-traffic controllers.

The river sustains the life.


Humanity is nothing without their flow.

Majestically magical, enticing all creatures to follow.

Natural irrigation, sustaining the once unsustainable.


Nourishment arises of both the droplets of moisture,

and the currents within.

The river, ever so majestic, is the foundation of life.

The Climb

Climbing a mountain,

the air blows cleanly around.

Nature connects to the heart,

An umbilical of earthly connections.

Trees, grasses, a goat or two.

The climb, the trek, the journey,

brings the joy. One cannot escape,

the essence of nature.

One day I will summit.

One day, my life’s journey achieved.

It is the goal of all, keep climbing.

Each step, a stone.

Each stone, a step.

The climb is the adventure.

The Heart of Man

A man’s heart is where his home is.

Family makes the home.

A man may wander in life,

But he comes back to what he knows,

What he loves.

There is no place like his home.

Wood frame, concrete walls,

No matter the structure,

Family is the place of true comfort.

A man, defined by his image.

A husband.

A son.

A father most of all.

The heart of man is simply complex.

Layer upon layer,

Floors of the skyscraper that reaches to man’s mind.

A man’s heart composed of more than just ventricles,

Muscle built by the soul.

The heart of man.

Courage To Overcome

From within comes the strength to overcome.

Trials in life test all that we are.

The humanity escapes some,

Crushes the spirit of others.

Strength is inherent in all.

It is the journey we must overcome.

Once found, strength of the one,

The individual,

Cannot be broken.

Others assault those whom are envied.

Waves of jealousy crashing upon our souls.

A journey of hurdles one must sprint to overcome.

Focus the strength, forge the will like new steel,

Pulled from the furnace of the soul.

Courage is strength.

Strength is courage.

Overcome all.

The Specter

Home, you existed within.

We shared moments no one else could.

Walks, chats. The laughter.

Oh, the laughter.

Seconds, minutes, hours.

I lost track of time when I was with you.

When you left, part of me walked out with you.

Your spirit remains, a specter descending the stairs.

Your shoes used to sit by the door,

Always ready for a daily journey.

To say I miss you, would be a mistake.

I wish for your return.

Your specter haunts me,

I will heal,

With the linking of our souls, eternally.