Digital Existence

Digitally connected to everyone all the time.

Modern society is interconnected, yet many exist alone.

Your phone is your world.

A screen tells you how many friends you have.

How many likes you acquired.

Visitors, followers, socially connected.

Yet some fail to converse when faced with another.

Is it good for society?

Is it bad?

Are we losing our humanity?

Some would argue technological existence is an extension,

a new level of being human.

I hope never to be a catfish.

Are all those “friends” real?

A profile speaks a thousand words,

maybe 600 characters.

I can sound like a bird in a short, crisp,

chirp of a phrase.

Once you hit send,

the world knows.

Don’t bother deleting.

It is there permanently.

Digitally, I am a personality.

An echo of who I yearn to be.



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