Daily Joy: A Poem

Happiness sometimes escapes us.

Not because it doesn’t really exist, but because we fail to see it.

There is much happiness in the world, we just don’t admit to.

A good job, a nice home, a happy family.

Is money happiness? Material things?

I think not.

I consider myself to richest man in the world.

How many zeros before the decimal?


The laughter that comes from my son.

The love that comes from my wife.

True wealth is measured by loved ones.

Maybe you have one hundred,

or maybe just one.

Either is fine, as long as you recognize the love.

Look for the happiness, and you will find.

Seek the happiness and it will find you.

Maybe its found in the pages of a good book.

Maybe at the crunchy bottom of an ice cream cone.

Whatever your happiness is, look for it.

Then you will truly be free.


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