Love Forever

Calmly I embraced my excitement.
For I could not wait to see you.
I was thrilled. 
In love all at once.
What felt like eons,
Was just a day.
Is this true?
Is the the pure love
We all seek?
Engaging yet distant,
You smiled.
You were overjoyed,
But reserved.
Neither of us quite knew,
Forever was upon us.

Personal History

Words cannot express
the emotion with which I feel.
Tirelessly considering,
the joy of childhood.
The love of parents
so happy for me.
A coffee sits.
Begging to be sipped. 
While I stare at
our old oak tree. 
The yard as square and cut
as dad kept it all those years.
Mom's aged cook book,
a family classic on the shelf.
Stares at me through dusty binding.
Years have passed.
Alone I tend to my history.
The coffee is getting cold.  

How Do I Tell You

How do I tell you.
The wreckage of a soul.
Eternal love.
How do I tell you.
When I see.
When our hearts speak again.
Those little moments.
The thing we all seek.
It was you.
It's always been us.
How do I tell you. 
Tell me.

Love Evaporated: A Poem

In one, moment,

a change in all life.

Like a star gone supernova,

flashes, gone.

I cannot help but feel,

sense, agonized over you.

What I did, I will never know.

What we were is now gone.

Instantly vaporized.

A love once so strong, evaporated.


I cannot love anymore.

Numb, immune to the feeling.

It was all with you.

Gone, empty like a black hole.

Nothing will ever be the same.