Personal History

Words cannot express
the emotion with which I feel.
Tirelessly considering,
the joy of childhood.
The love of parents
so happy for me.
A coffee sits.
Begging to be sipped. 
While I stare at
our old oak tree. 
The yard as square and cut
as dad kept it all those years.
Mom's aged cook book,
a family classic on the shelf.
Stares at me through dusty binding.
Years have passed.
Alone I tend to my history.
The coffee is getting cold.  


Live Now

Enjoy the moments you have.

Live in the now.

Learn from the past.

Plan for the future.

But most of all,

Live in the moment.

Treasure each of your child’s moments.

Each toy.

Each giggle.

Each cry.

Remember the first moment,

They ask for help.

Remember the first moment,

They no longer need it.

Each moment is precious.

Each moment is your history.

Remember to live in the now.

For one day in the future,

The now will be your past.

Treasure your child.

Treasure their love.

One day they will no longer hold your hand.

You will ask when did it end?

Hold on to each moment as it is your last.

Remember the past.

Plan for the future.

Live in the now.

A Daily Prompt Poem: Life

The Daily Prompt states: Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.


A mad dash to the hospital,

junior has arrived.

Kindergarten, 5th grade,

high school graduation,

time flies.

Go to college, don’t go to college,

pick a major, get a job.

Find the love of his life,




Maybe not in that order,

maybe not at all.

Take a vacation,

work is nothing but procrastination.

A dash to the hospital,

another junior has arrived.

Kindergarten, 5th grade,

high school just flew by.

Life is a cycle, continuously going around.

A journey, an adventure,

an up and down merry-go-round.