The most joyous sound was hearing the laughter.

The child’s giggle bellowed from his belly.

His smile was from ear to ear.

The gap between his two front teeth,

added to the moment.

He is precious.

His laughter lights my soul.

His laughter warms my heart.

The laughter of our son,

it’s the best sound in the world.

Laughter, his laughter,

is truly the best medicine.

Of Happiness

I knew a man,

unrelated to me.

He was happy,

everyday of the week.

Nothing brought him down.

His smile made others smile.

His laughter, filled the room,

like the aroma of cinnamon.

He spoke in soft tones,

that grew in crescendo.

His words provided detail,

mosaics on life.

He was profound,

yet simple.

Emotionally complex,

yet wore his feelings on his sleeve.

He was the man next door.

Loved by all.

A man of happiness.

Contagious Chuckle: A Poem

Your chuckle is contagious.

I can’t help but laugh, when you laugh.

Your chuckle comes from the soul,

The depths of who you are.

It’s genuine.


I love to hear you laugh,

Like a child filled with joy.

Your chuckle is contagious.

Make me laugh,

I laugh so hard, I cry.

Thank you.

You should bottle your chuckle,

Doctors will prescribe it like medicine.

I’m happy because of your chuckle.

Thank you.

Daily Prompt: Joyful, A Poem

The Daily Prompt states: Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Joyful: A Poem


a chuckle becomes a giggle.

A giggle grows into a laugh.

Unstoppable laughter.

I’m laughing at my laughing.

Eyes become moist.

Drops of tears stream down.

The laughter spreads.

Like an epidemic.

A disease of joy,


I don’t remember why I began laughing.

More tears as I laugh.

Laughing at not remembering why,

why I began laughing.

Pure joy from the heart.

The laughter emanates from my belly.

Unstoppable, but I don’t want to stop.

Raucous joy.

Joyful laughter.

Child’s Laughter

A giggle.

A squeak.

Chuckling is quite right.

Joyous sounds.

Innocence abounds.

Child, parent,

laughter fills the air.

Toys bring smiles.

Smiles bring laughter.

A child’s laugh,

is the soundtrack of family.

Giggly, smiling,

child’s laughter fills the heart.

A giggle.

A squeak.

Child’s laughter is pure joy.