Thoughts Of You

My tears gather each night,
Like morning dew on grass.
I miss you. Simply put.
What is meant to be,
Cannot exist.
Eternity must wait. 
The clouds gather in our hearts.
As time separates us.
The sadness builds like a hurricane. 
Sorrow, but storms on the horizon.
I will choose my happiness.
Not dwell in the pools of sad dew. 
I will live.
Each day. Joyful. 
But only with thoughts of you.

Personal History

Words cannot express
the emotion with which I feel.
Tirelessly considering,
the joy of childhood.
The love of parents
so happy for me.
A coffee sits.
Begging to be sipped. 
While I stare at
our old oak tree. 
The yard as square and cut
as dad kept it all those years.
Mom's aged cook book,
a family classic on the shelf.
Stares at me through dusty binding.
Years have passed.
Alone I tend to my history.
The coffee is getting cold.  


Your smile.
That time in the kitchen.
When the glass broke.
I thought you were.
You smiled.
Laughed embarrassed.
Momentarily tender.
My machismo broken.
But for a moment.
My heart you saw.
My love for you.
Laid bare.
Two hearts forever.
Linked as one.
Nothing as precious.