Nature’s Ballad Conclusion

From the depths of my soul,

I will find thee.

The beast cannot hide forever.

A twig, snapped.

Leaves rustle.

A shadow, long and dark,

Moves to my left.

Then my right.

The trees, tall like spires

from hell.

The shadow draws near.

It is the beast.

Of this, I am certain.

I have no recourse

No way to defend myself.

I do not know what to do.

Closer, more leaves move.

The wind intensifies.

Twigs and branches snapping.

Storm clouds draw near.


The beast is almost upon me.

I cannot lie any further.

I’m afraid.

I’m scared.

I must run.

But I cannot move.

I must.

I turn and then I fall…

Knocked to the ground,

Momentary lapse in awareness.

The beast is on top of me.

What do I do.

Wet, slobbering, dripping on my skin.

I cannot open my eyes.

A cold, moist nose?


The beast lets up.

He is happy to see me.

I open my eyes.

Overjoyed I am.

It wasn’t a two-legged beast.

It was Duke.

My dog standing on his hind legs.

My fear subsides.

My quest of Ahab futile.

It was my dog.


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