What Purpose?

Motionless through space and time. Running uncontrollably.

I wander aimlessly, like lost puppies searching for their mother.

Around the corner she lays, waiting expectantly. Fortunate I’m not.

Lost, without purpose, I witness the world’s anger and frustration and ask why?

Comprehension escapes me. I cannot process the sorrow and the hate.

What is the purpose of violence and pain? So much hatred and despair.

Over what? A faith, land, stuff. I wander aimlessly through life sipping my latte’s.

Eat a scone or a croissant. The news is heartbreaking. Depressing. Surreal at times.

This cannot be the world in which we exist. Yet it is. If aliens of omnipotence visited,

annihilation there would be. For our own sake they would say. I can’t disagree.

Suffering of others, more depression. Change the channel, the suffering ceases. Ooh, Angry Birds.

Motionless no more. I need more coffee.


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