We would sit and watch your favorite cartoons.

In the crib, I lay next to you.

My fur kept you warm.

A sponge for your drool.

Where you went, I would follow.

Usually because you dragged me by one leg.

Mommy tried to wash me once.

You ended up in time out because.

You grew older,

We grew apart.

No longer did I sleep on your bed.

Off to a shelf I went.

Years ago, stuffed in a box.

If I was alive I would feel.




I helped you everyday.

I caught your tears.

Gave you hugs.

I didn’t complain when you hit me in the head,

Or pulled my tail.

Forgotten I was.

One day, new little hands clasped around.

Little eyes,

A squeak and little giggle.

A new life,

A new friend.

I hear your voice,

It is you.

With a little one of your own!

You do remember.

Forgotten no more.

Here we go, again.


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