Finer Things



Shrimp cocktail before dinner.

Four cars in the garage,

None less than the value of a small mortgage.

You have all the toys.

Countless zeroes before the decimal point.

Nice clothes.

A yacht in the summer.

Truly wealthy you are.


She works nine-to-five.

Slightly more than minimum wage.

She writes poetry at night.

Volunteers at the soup kitchen every weekend,

When she’s not working.

She eats packed noodles for dinner.

Doesn’t own a television.

Her extra money,

To charity it goes.

She says “I worry not about myself.”

“For I can always make ends meet.”

“Those less fortunate than me, deserve more.”


While you sip your champagne,

And bask in the sun.

Think of her, sweating to provide for others.

Then ask yourself,

Who is truly wealthy?


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