Effortless Love: A Poem

When we met, it was serendipity.

You were unfamiliar in a familiar sort of way.

Glancing at you across the subway car, you smiled.

It was like a song lyric I once heard.

I stepped on the platform, thinking nothing of the moment.

Yet, it filled my mind for days.

A chance meeting at a coffee shop.

There you were.

My eye caught yours, transfixed upon each other.

Spontaneously you walked over to me.

Haley’s Comet come full turn.

Your flip-flop slapping against your heel.

You didn’t hesitate.

I was glad.

You sat, I smiled.

You smirked, I was hooked.

Within a moment we knew.

Turns out I loved you all my life.

Only I never knew.

Some I had to try.

Others had to grow on you.

Me and you, is effortless.

I don’t need to try.

I don’t feel like it’s a burden.

An effortless love is a true love.

The best love.

Thank you.


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