Driving down the highway, mountains rising in front.

She glanced in her rearview mirror,

amber hair across her face.

The top was down to enjoy the warm desert air.

It was early, too early for the good to be awake.

She escaped. The grasp, the chilly environment.

The mental torment every time the door opened.

He was no good for her and she knew it.

Everyone in her life told her so.

Blind, love is.

Finally, as her head pounded with stress,

she mustered the courage.

He was a sleep, drool on his pillow.

She packed the bag the night before.

She slipped out of bed, bare feet on cold floor.

Never looking back, she changed her life within an instant.

She could see the light coming up as she drove.

A new life awaited.

A joy-filled heart began to beat again,

in the sunrise of a new life.


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