Where Was Your Heart

A time, some time, ago we were in love.

It was a fantasy come true.

We would walk the streets holding hands.

Down the pier to stare at the waves.

I bought you a cotton candy once.

You smiled.

We would stay up late talking on the phone.

Before sending a text message became a relationship.

I would lay on my bed, baseball cap hanging,

on my bedpost.

I would imagine you sitting on yours,

painting your toe nails.

In the hallways at school,

you would look at me and smile.

Your girlfriends would glance over,

giggles all around.

I wouldn’t say much to the guys,

for I would never live it down.

We were in love then,

but didn’t know how.

There are times I wish we truly knew,

truly knew what was in our hearts.

I think I knew what was in mine.

Where was your heart?

Will I ever know?

We grew apart.

Graduated, college, careers.

Someone else.

I don’t know if I miss you,

or that innocent teenage love.

Where was your heart?

I guess I’ll never know.


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