When The Internet Is Down: A Poem

A package of entertainment and utility.

Phone, high-speed internet, cable.

All wonderful inventions of the modern era.

Used to communicate, entertain, annoy and distract.

In the end, how can one live without.

Suddenly a flash, illuminates the sky.

A rumble, a bang, a thunderous roar follows.

Torrential sheets of water droplets drench the ground.

The lights stay on, the television goes black.

Dial tone lost.

Tablet no longer displays its bars of connectivity.

The lights stay on.

One almost wishes the power were off.

Like a chronic pain, one is reminded of how connected we are.

The lights stay on, but no communication to the outside.

I feel like I’m living in a biosphere on Mars.

The loss of connectivity broke the pattern of posts.

Daily posts, a poem-a-day, ended with a bang and flash.

Alas, the cricket’s chirp, the sun sets. The television entertains once more.

The poems return.


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