The Bar Scene: A Poem

Sitting at the bar awaiting my tonic and gin
You strolled by.
Not a piano man I was, but you looked just the same.
Off to a corner table to sit with girlfriends
I asked the barkeep what was your name.
I dunno was the response
An uptown girl that’s all he knew.
No chance had I, but a dream is a dream.
With no bread in my pockets I knew I couldn’t buy.
All my dough went to Jimmy and Jose.
Your eyes fluttered as you surveyed the room.
Not your type when you got off the train.
I’ll stay a little longer and hope your eyes land on me.
You don’t know my name and I don’t know yours
But in my dreams we are already married.
Lovers who searched for years only to be found in a dive.
In my dream I never felt so alive


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