The Daily Prompt: Green

The Daily Prompt states: Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREEN.


I feel nothing but emerald envy,

You have everything I want.

The cars, the house, the money.


The color of the leaves in Spring,

Paint my soul.

Fields of tall grass cannot hide my jealousy.

I want what you have, only because you have it.

No other reason.

It’s only because it is you.

The man down the street could have the same,

I wouldn’t care.

It is your life I desire,

Yours that I want.


I even want your dog,


He drools on a lavish dog pillow,

Made of cashmere.

I can only afford plaid.

My emerald envy will engulf me.

My jealousy, will have no end.


8 comments on “The Daily Prompt: Green

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  4. White Pearl says:

    I have been going through some entries of this contest and I found this one the best ! Love it 🙂

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