A Soul Without Character

You think you help others, but you don’t.

If you need to hurt others to help others,

nothing but pain and suffering result.


Maybe a letter, maybe an email,

you think your words solve issues.

Your words, regardless of how printed,

are only self-serving.


Your soul lacks character.

You are nothing but a deceiver.

One moment you smile, say nice things,

show compassion.

The next, you use the other’s response against them.

You embarrass, humiliate, lie.

You lack personal strength.

Your convictions are not of right,

but of selfish deceit.


Darkness will always surround you.

No one can, or will trust you.

For all your holy righteousness,

you are no better than the devil.

Your words sow pain,

for that I cannot forgive.


Your lack of character is cancerous.


I hope to rid my world of you.

One day. Your soul without character,

will be gone.


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